Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another week begins

We had a very family orientated weekend. We went to L for P's niece's wedding. SHe is pretty young getting married - 20 and the groom is only 19, but I am happy for them and it was a lovely day. I've enclosed some pictures.

Today we met up with P's aunts (they both live far away) - his dad's sisters and some of their kids and a bunch of assorted other people and relatives of their uncles. It was nice to see them. They all are suprised at how old P has gotten (the baby of the family) and how sucessful he has become (I am proud too).

One of P's uncles was wounded in Vietnam. I really admire him and his service to our country. THe government should stop paying for people to sit around on welfare and start taking better care of our veterans (political rant over).

Anyway - we danced a fair bit and I talked a whole lot. We're back and preparing to start the week.

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