Friday, July 9, 2010

It is 3 am. On the dot.

And I am awake once again. Due to pain. and just like Wednesday a.m., Vi is up crying. Again. I didn't realize two nights could be so similiar. My pain has been bad. I called yesterday and talked to the resident on call. They said to take Norco 2 - 325 mg tablets every six hours and alternate 400 mg Motrin in between. The pain goes away completely for around 1-2 hours at a time, but by 5 1/2 is is back full force. Lots of throbbing and pain when I open my mouth. I'm terrified it won't go away. Even thought it is less than 48 hours after surgery. I'm a catastrophizier (sp). I'm already worrying the implant is impinging on a nerve, when I don't have any of the lip numbness or anything else indicitive of this. I guess I'm just healing.

When I called, they seemed surprised by how much pain I'm having with this surgery. Leave it to me to be different. I'ld just like to get some sleep, thanks. Despite being home yesterday, I didn't nap and received under six hours of sleep the last two nights.

I just made some instant mashed potatoes and I made them too hot, so I am drinking a Boost and going to try to lay down again. Vi stopped crying. Thank goodness.


Michelle said...

Jen - hang in there. You're brave to undergo all these surgeries and I admire that. Soon, the pain will be a distant memory. :)

MrsSpock said...

The first few days are the worst for pain, but it should start decreasing. rest up!

Makay said...

Aw. Just hang on... it will get better... promise. And yes yes yes!!! BOOST! My best friend, BOOST and blended Spaghetti Os. :) mmm. haha.

I hope you feel better!