Saturday, July 31, 2010


*V is crabby today and broke out in red, angry eczema spots. Last weekend she boycotted naps both days. Momma was so very tired.
*My infection has not cleared up. The good news is that it is NOT in the bone. The bad news is that I am taking another antibiotic, Flagyl. It makes me feel - ugh. I have nausea, and diarrhea and stomach pains. Skipped lunch. I NEVER MISS FOOD OPPORTUNITIES!
*P worked soooo many hours this week. But he came home "earlier" on Thursday night so I could play BUNKO with my lady friends. It was nice to get out. I hadn't played in over three months.
*This Tuesday is Primary Day in Michigan. If I receive just one more candidate (prerecorded garbage) phone call, I am going to become extemely angry. Back in my campaigning days, we would call this Saturday "the Blitz" and be up all night "getting the message out".
* Speaking of annoyances, I am a fan of celebrity gossip (I'd a holdover from when I lived in the UK), but even I have reached my tolerance for the Chelsea Clinton Wedding and Lindsay Lohan's jail sentence.
*Next weekend I am doing a mexican themed ELMO dominated picnic at home for Victoria. I don't do that well entertaining, so wish me luck!


April said...

yuck. i'm sorry you still have an infection. that sucks.

i have purposefully been avoiding all sorts of celebrity gossip pages/shows/etc so i don't that i don't have to hear about it right now. i honestly don't care (and i usually find it all pretty entertaining).

good luck at the party!

:) april

MrsSpock said...

I hate Flagyl. I think it gives a weird aluminum foil taste in my mouth.