Saturday, February 4, 2012

hard time

It's no secret that my husband works a lot. He never has had a 9-5 job. But since the new year, things have even taken a worse turn. He was gone for 10 days on a business trip. Then, he has worked every single weekend from at least 11-8 both days. It's been rough. By the time he gets home I am exhausted and tired and hormonal and crabby. It's lonely being in charge and by yourself every single night. Sometimes he makes it home for bedtime, and I'm grateful for that 30 min when I can race around and make lunches or sweep the kitchen floor. It's lonely without my husband. There is no pregnancy pampering, no food rubs, or special meals, or naps on weekend afternoons. It stinks BIG TIME. He promises this project will be completed mid February, and that he will take us on a long weekend trip. My daughter misses him. I miss him. Plus I worry about his health. Working 75-80 hours per week is NOT good for him. At all.

It's difficult to keep up. I interviewed a new cleaning lady and she wanted to charge me $125 a week for three hours of cleaning, plus an additional $95 the first two weeks for a deep clean. Uhm, no. Then I had a message today on my cell that she "thought about it, and it would only be $75". It made me think she was trying to see what she could get away with. Why is it so difficult to find a cleaning lady???? I liked the work our last one did, but I honestly think she was on drugs. She even went to the WRONG HOUSE after a year of working for us. I had to let her go.

In the pregnancy department, I'm getting enormous. My OB chastised me because I gained 4 lbs last must instead of three. I wish I was lying. Since I can't tolerate the Glucola drink, I have to test my sugar for a week. Good times. These pants make me look huge. I am not that huge, honestly.

25 weeks

Tuesday I was leaving for work and P called down me that he thought V had a fever. She did. 102 F. Ugh. I stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday took her to the MD where she was found to have an ear infection. Antibiotics. Plus she still had the fever and Thursday Daddy had to stay home with her. She fell asleep for 10 whole minutes one afternoon. Now we all have coughs.


April said...

do you want the name of the gal who used to clean our house? she was fine...we just decided to majorly cut our budget. she charged us $70 every other week and was pretty flexible on times/etc. we even gave her a key to our house and she came when we were not there.

sorry that dh has to work so much! that totally sucks! :( let's plan a lunch/date for when you get some time on the weekends? it's about time, don't you think?

and you look great!! lazy to sign into that account. not sure if you'd recognize me otherwise!!)

SassyMandaG said...

Oh man, I hope you catch a break soon with hubby's work schedule and all.

You deserve to enjoy every second of this pregnancy.

I think you look terrific btw! The pants are cute and look comfy.

Email me your email address. I haven't been able to add you to S4S yet because Google doesn't capture it when you comment. :-\ You can email me at sassymandag (at) gmail (dot) com.

Barb said...

Man that's rough. :( I'm sorry!