Sunday, January 29, 2012


V has been super moody and whiny the past few weeks. I attribute it to a new room at school, her Daddy being gone so much, her tummy troubles, and of course, the baby. This weekend, she was a complete angel. We went in Trader Joe's today to grab a few things and I encouraged her to push the little mini cart around. She LOVED it. She kept up with me and was a huge help. She kept trying to put stuff in HER cart though. Such as vitamins (for "Daddy"), a beef roast of some sort, cereal, and a whole bunch of bananas. You can see the giant bag of pretzels she picked out too. It was very crowded, but I tried to grab a quick photo (her good coat and hat was in the wash, that is why she looks kooky!).

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Anonymous said...

yea for little V. what a good helper. i love places that have little carts like that :)

how are you feeling??