Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

• It is warm out today! 48 F. So far it has been a mild winter. It was this way last year as well, but February almost made up for it.
• Going back to work this week after being off for 10 days has been rough. On all of us. Including Victoria. Early rising coupled with an inability to sleep due to some crazy pregnancy thing makes me tired and cranky.
• I read five books over the holiday break and it was so nice! I read two about North Korea – one about the last American defector from the Korean War and one called “Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea” which follows six people that trace their lives in North Korea and eventually end up defecting. It’s very, very insightful and well written. I also finally read “The Hunger Games” trilogy. I loved them all, but the first book stood out as the most outstanding.
• I went through all of the infant clothes for V to see what was salvageable for the BOY. Those things were a stained, worn out mess. I ended up trashing a good many of her 0-3 month stuff (she didn’t have a lot), giving the less worn to GoodWill, taking few things to the consignment shop, and giving some things to a friend. Time to start shopping for the BOY.
• Did you notice BOY clothes are all brown and green and have a lot of sports themed stuff on them? My husband isn’t very sporty, so this may be a problem.
• I am eating leftover tortilla chips from yesterday from Chipotle. They are so good. How do they get that lime taste on them?
• Went to the OB Tuesday. I’ve gained 9 lbs at 22 weeks. She said it was “appropriate” but to watch it.

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Martine said...

Hi, visiting for the first time.

Cute not grown up or ugly baby boy clothes are VERY hard to find. It's really a shame, I think if more companies made nice cute stuff they would really cash in!

Anonymous said...

:) i think most baby clothes are cute!

it WAS hard to go back to work!!

are you doing belly pics?

and i LOVED hunger games!

Danifred said...

Boy clothes are definitely not as much fun. After 2 girls, I'm very disappointed with the selection I've found. And, did you notice everything has monkeys or dogs on it? What's with that?

Barb said...

We found a lot of great cute non sports boy clothes at babies r us on good sales. ( lot of it animals)

Barb said...

Hey ... How has your jaw been?

The Captain's Wife said...

thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself! congrats on your boy! we are in the same boat of needing to buy a lot of new as i previously gave away all of our infant stuff, incoudin the gender nuetral. I actually placed an order today on carters/osh kosh bgosh so that i can get a bit of a start here!