Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

I started working on another program at work because mine is sooo slooowww. It was initially met with apprehension, but I think things are going well and I am enjoying it.

My husband is finally back from a 10 day trip. Things went pretty well. Victoria watched a lot of Dora. Doing both drop off and pick up to school stunk though. I felt guilty about the TV but she is at school all day, I’m pregnant and tired, and it’s 7 degrees out. And we did lots of other things too.

Before I had kids I didn’t believe in TV, unhealthy foods, my kid would be potty trained prior to two. Whatever.

V’s newest obsessions are dancing, watching Umi Zoomi and Dora, clementines, ice packs (for imaginary injuries), and jumping on beds.

Trying to decide if I should run out to Whole Foods at lunch. I have lunch but it would save me a trip there on a weekend for some Gluten Free stuff I need. But it 10 degrees.

The “boy” has been moving like crazy. Especially as I get ready to fall asleep. Can’t believe I’m 25 weeks into another pregnancy! WHAT?!?! P says I need to stop referring to myself as “infertile”. I don’t know, do I? Am I not considered infertile anymore?


Danifred said...

It's really amazing the things we swear we'll never do once we have kids, and then we do anyway. I'm finding more and more to add to that list every year.

Anonymous said...

easier to parent from afar, right? i still have ideas now on how i would parent my friends' kids!! lol.'re pregnant!! but i still consider myself infertile. i think you just got lucky!! :)

Barb said...

I totally agree about the stuff you said about kids. haha. Funny what we think. Good lesson anyway.

That's why I refer to myself as fertility challenged. haha.