Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I've been having some female issues for the last few months including a lot of pain in my C-section scar region. Yesterday, I went to see a Gynecologist and he ordered some blood tests an ultrasound to be followed by a uterine biopsy. He thinks it is my PCOS and I am going to need some hormone therapy. I was trying to explain to him about my premature ovarian failure. He didn't understand because I "have two kids". How did you get the kids he asked me. I told him the old fashioned and to look up the note from 2005 saying I would basically never had children. I found it myself today:

...... is a pleasant 32-year-old nulligravida female with significantly decreased ovarian reserve as evidenced by high FSH on day-10. I have explained to her the implication of having this high FSH on her low chance of success despite undergoing extensive fertility therapy. There is about 5% chance of spontaneous conception and this does not go up much
despite undergoing a fertility therapy. For this reason, I have recommended for her to look into other options to expand her family including adoption as well as donor egg in vitro fertilization.

If you read my old posts, I went to see two other additional reproductive endocrinologists with the same opinion. I also failed a round of IVF - I didn't make any eggs (extremely rare).

I was reflecting on this last night when I was exhausted and putting away some of eight loads of laundry.

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