Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas gifts this year

What did we receive for Christmas this year? We tried to keep it low key and with not too much stuff. B doesn't play with much these days and V plays with everything. She's really at a fun age to buy for. I think was her favorite (picked out by dad):

Lip Balm making kit
easy, fun. I wish it had more wax beads because there is only enough to make four of them.

my favorite gift to her was this: American Girl Like Me Doll . Crazy expensive, but oh how I love it so. I hope she loves it as much as I do.

She also loves this: Trolls Hair Chalk The kit I bought was at Five Below. It isn't coming out easily, either.

Benny got some Hot Wheels stuff. He really isn't into little cars, but I want him to be.

This little sound machine was a huge hit.

P bought me a deluxe Kindle. Spoiled rotten, I am.

My favorite gifts to him were this USA and National Park Scratch Off Map. Now he can record all his travels!

as well an an Ibex hat. Wow, they have nice things.

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