Sunday, December 4, 2016

A (weekend) day in the life

I don't think people really understand just how busy we are. Maybe my day doesn't sound busy, but it seemed fairly crazy to me. I won't even blog about yesterday.

Last night was P's Holiday work party. It was nice. I was up a bit later than usual - 11:00. I woke up around 5ish, then drifted back off until 6:40 when I heard the pitter patter of little feet. On weekends, I leave a phone or Ipad for Benny, then he takes it back to his room until at least 7:15 am. It allows me to get a bit more rest. V will wake up and stay in her room reading until we go get her. Most of the time.

Around 7:30 am I blundered downstairs, got the kids milk and cereal bars. I drank some water and dealt with V looking for Elf on the Shelf. P blundered downstairs, looking terrible. I found him some aleve and water. I made an Optifast smoothie and then sat on the couch while V and B fought and annoyed each other. After getting jumped on and the blanket pulled off me while I tried to read the news, I finally found my workout clothes and went down the basement around 9:00. Before that I gave V her ADHD medication and hoped it would settle her down.

B hung out with me and finally I set him up with Playdoh so I could finish some newer Jane Fonda for 40 min. I did the rowing machine for 10 minutes then called it a day. P was resting. I swtiched over the laundry and went upstairs to get dressed and take a quick shower.
By this time it was around 10:30. I wanted to run out to the store but we had to get ready for a birthday party at noon. I had some Diet Coke (didn't get to finish because V poured stuff in it) and gave the kids a snack of watered down juice and some baked Lays. Took the kids upstairs and helped them pick up clothes and get dressed. Picked up random crap and garbage for a few minutes.

11:40 am. We had thankfully already wrapped the gifts so we drove over. Spent some time at the party and kids were a bit whiny.

2:00 pm - Drove through McD's drive through and bought a Diet Coke for P and I.
2:20 pm - Ate some leftovers from last night. Delish! Assembled the Christmas Village from P's childhood on the mantle and kept asking V to help me. She was cutting up pieces of old ribbons to make belts. B spent some time in the bathroom. I switched over the laundry and put on the oven. I put some pre-made sugar cookies in to bake for V's party on Saturday. Made four dozen.
3:30 - left to take Benny to a playdate. It was a 12 minute drive. Was there until 6:00. Called my mom to check in on the drive home.
6:10 - home. hungry. P felt better and had supervised V's shower and piano practice, helped her with homework, did the dishes, played a boardgame with V.
I found something to eat. Benny ate at playdate, V ate while I was out. P didn't eat. Got the kids milk. Plugged in the Christmas lights. Emailed book club because I didn't read book and wouldn't make it tonight.
Set up V on IXL math program on my laptop. Benny kept bugging her and I and whining. P ended up taking him for a bath.
7:15 - decided to make some Oreo bark. V cried and whined the entire time about wanting some. I poured her medicine - Bactrim (urinary reflux). I emptied the laundry and took V upstairs while P was getting Benny to bed. V got ready for bed (with much prompting) and I put away laundry in her room while she read. P switched off with me and I went downstairs. Realized it was snowing so I found all the kids' snowpants and boots and gloves and labeled them in neat bags for school.

8:30 - cut up and put away the cooled Oreo bark. Realized that I am really really tired.
9:00 - sit down finally. Get a class of water. Wait for Westworld to start.

Is anyone else this busy?