Friday, November 11, 2016

Benny talks about my dad

My dad died 13 years ago and unfortunately will never meet my kids. I don't talk about him to the kids that much and I don't have a ton of pictures of his around. He and I were very close and I miss him every day. Benny was in bed with the lights off and I was snuggling him.

Benny: Is Grandpa Jerry a little bit dead?
Me: ? yes, he died.
Benny: Is he a little bit dead?
Me: yes.
Benny: He got sick. He needed a Band Aid.
Me: ?
Benny: He's better now. He likes to walk in the sand.

Okay. What was going on in his little head? What prompted him to talk about this? Are these small children more open to seeing/experiencing things than we are?

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MrsSpock said...

Spooky! I have a very good memory and remember being a toddler, 2,and 3. It's not exactly a Sheldon Cooper memory, but it's close. I had two imaginary friends : The Green Giant and Quick Bear. I remember the Green Giant being a tall beam of light and asking it its name and being told it can be anything I want. I chose the Green Giant, because I liked the one on TV. Quick Bear had a name I couldn't pronounce, so he "showed" me his name by giving me a dream of a bear spinning around fast. I am a skeptic, but I know my memories, and can't explain them. My mother remembers the Green Giant but couldn't understand my 2 year old tongue and thought it was the Green Dragon.I would stand in an empty room and talk to him. The grown ups couldn't see him. Guardian angels?