Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Leftovers - Holiday Edition

* The holidays are coming on fast and furious. I ordered most of the gifts online which I dislike. However, it's the only way with my current time limitations.

* The Festival of Trees was early this year. I took the kids for the 3rd year and this year was better than last, which was lackluster. We were there shortly after opening, no line to meet Santa. We have the same Santa and the positions of children in picture as last two years (unintentional).

* We decorated some sugar cookies last night and the kids were waaayyy more interested in eating the toppings then decorating.

* Since V didn't have a birthday party (we were gone most of August), and I failed to make it up to her with a Halloween Party as promised, she is having 4-5 other girls from her class over tomorrow to make crafts, decorate cookies, eat pizza and watch a holiday movie.

* My family still expects me to make a bunch of cookies for them given my EXTREMELY busy state. I compromised and made some easy fudge from a kit and some sugar cookies from pre-made dough since it was an activity I could do with the kids. They all are less busy than I am, my mom and sister refuse to bake or cook.

* I wanted to do a Christmas night at the Zoo or Greenfield Village but again, time.

* On Christmas Day I want to sit on the couch, relax, play with my kids and snuggle with my husband. I don't want to entertain, do dishes, go anywhere. It a simple goal, but sometimes impossible.

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The Captain's Wife said...

That last one is not impossible!! I do it every year. I go get stuffed breads and lunch meat on xmas eve. Xmas day is a help yourself holiday. I'll put the breads in the oven and take them out, but that is the extent of my serving anyone! There is wine on the counter, beer and soda in the fridge. Get what you want! We love it!