Thursday, April 21, 2011

I"m here, honest

I think this has turned into the Victoria blog. I'm okay with that. As you may know from my other blog, I've been going through a lot lately. It stinks. I've been pretty miserable too.

Victoria had a hard time at first. She wasn't allowed to sit with me and I couldn't read to her or take care of her or anything. I used to pick her up every day and spend the evenings with her, while her Daddy that worked a lot of hours came home quite late most evenings. He has been wonderful getting home on time and picking her up most evenings when I don't feel well. He does baths, pajamas, lotions, bedtime.

I miss it so much you guys. V has very much cleaved onto P and is very clingy with him. She knows mama isn't well (Mama has a boo boo) and pretty much tunes me out. Its hurts so much, but I know it is a natural reaction to the entire situation. Last night she hugged and kissed P and I asked her for hugs and kisses (could be dangerous) and she kept refusing. It broke my heart.

Just want to get back to normal!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

:( it sucks right now. and it seems like it will be forever, but it won't. and then things will be better :)

you look great in your most recent pictures, btw!! xx