Monday, November 12, 2007

It's been a busy weekend. TOday is P's birthday so we both took the day off. We didn't do anything specific, but just hung out and did whatever we wanted. Friday P won a work raffle for Red Wings tickets. We ended up driving into the city, which is a PIA. The game was fantastic though, with really great seats. Even non-sports liking P had a great time. Saturday P's brother came over and we went out to eat at a Brazilian restaurant where they bring various cuts of meat to your table and slice off cuts for you. Wonderful, but really busy and not too relaxing. We then played a long game of Cities and Knights of catan and then Ticket to Ride. P's grandma and mum stopped in yesterday on their way to Florida and despite killing myself running around yesterday, we spent time with them. Today I went to the gym and then we went bowling. I bowled a 59 & 63. P had a really hot streak bowling. We are currently hanging out watching You tube 80's videos. Then we are going to eat Chinese food and have a Sopranos marathon tonight.

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