Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Halloween is rapidly approaching. V has a large number of activities this year to attend. This weekend a neighboring town has Trick Or Treating downtown (Oct 23rd) Her school usually has a little party where you go to each room in costume and get a prize (no candy) (Oct 26th). There is the community center Trick Or Treat parade (Oct 28th), which we waited in line for over an hour last year and she loved, and the neighbor’s church is having a little party (Oct 30th), and regular Trick Or Treating (Oct 31st) of course. I don’t know if we will make it to everything. V is much more into candy this year, but it is not about the candy, it is about having fun, and she likes to do that as well.

I loved Halloween as a kid. It really wasn’t about the candy (really!). The time of year was always nice, I loved feeling special dressing up in costume (even though many in the 1970’s were those cheap plastic get ups and I longed for a mother that would sew elaborate costumes), there was usually a party at school, there was always a community pumpkin decorating contest which I managed to win a prize in every year grades 1-8 (seriously), and my mother was usually in a good mood that holiday (since she hates holidays and this has ruined many). My dad would take my sister and I trick Or treating and we just would always have such a nice time.

V’s really warm pumpkin costume still fits from last year. It was freezing here on Halloween last year and I was glad to have it. I also found this chintzy looking Jesse costume at a mom’s sale that she loves to wear around the house. It’s too big and not cute enough IMHO, but I have another costume that she will model shortly.


Anonymous said...

Is your child getting some hair? I am seeing some length on that little head - Julie

Anonymous said...

:) that's a whole lotta halloween!

we're going up north to a little place, then doing the daycare party. that's it!!

and btw: i suck at emailing lately....but it's coming, i promise!

Barb said...

Love Halloween! :) be careful with that love and logic book. Haven't read it but cline has been noted for some controversial stuff. Google cline and attachment therapy.