Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This pregnancy has been so different that the first one. ( It is very surprising that I get to experience this again). I felt rotten from the get-go. Lower energy, severe acne, terrible night sweats, insomnia. I was 100% sure menopause was calling my name. There were food cravings of Pad Thai, mashed potatoes, Indian, pizza, cereal, salads with Ranch (don’t usually use it), apples, soy milk and mainly cold Diet Coke. Very icy cold Diet Coke. Last pregnancy I had nausea a little bit in the mornings, and a little bit before bed. This time, I had a LOT of nausea, headaches, and feeling totally hung over. I ended up using Zofran sporadically that my OB gave me just in case. Zofran is fabulous.

About week 14 I started feeling better and had more energy. I think being pregnant and four years older than I was previously (now 38) is much, much more tiring. Plus I have a little one to look after. I think that is a biggie. Now, I’m almost 19 weeks. Tuesday we go for our fetal survey and a possible amniocentesis, of which I am terrified X1000. Resting afterwards, taking it easy, this will be difficult. Plus, I am afraid of the complications from Amnio. The people I’ve spoken to make it seem like a walk in the park, which I guess it is in most cases, but there is always that small chance of something happening. People have asked why do it unless you are going to do something with that information?. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if there was something wrong. But I think it is important to know. I did not have one with V since I was 34, but now I’m 38 and it is an entirely new ballgame. Thankfully, all my markers to this date have been normal.

As far as sex, I really, really don’t have a preference. Health is the most important to me. However, I am going to find out the sex. I find that so exciting! One day I’m convinced it is a girl, another day, a boy. I think my husband would like a boy for balance, to carry on the family name (whatever), and because he is a boy too. I do know girls better, I grew up with a sister, almost all girl cousins and friends. Plus we already have all the girl stuff.

Please pray that my amnio goes well and that there is a healthy little one in there!

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Anonymous said...

:) you'll do great. just had a friend get one and I asked if they are really as simple as they look (and what we tell people) and she said it was. she was expecting a big ordeal, lots of pain/pressure, but it was not bad at all :)

thinking a lot about you and this babe. can't wait to find out!'re going to tell us, right??