Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers

• Friday night, Friday night. Where has the Spring went? The weather has been so crazy here. Alternating hot and cold, downpours. We haven’t been playing outside much in the evenings. Our backyard is smaller and more wooded so there are more bugs, which totally freak out V and she adamantly refuses. The dog freak out has moved to bug freak out. Seriously. It is interfering with my enjoyment of the yard and definitely her enjoyment.

• Speaking of V, she has been having many “stressed” behaviors again. Tantrums out of nowhere, wetting her pants, wetting the bed, waking up really early and coming into our bed at 6:00 in the morning. It’s pretty rough. My heart aches for her and I really hope we can find out soon the best way to help her.

• The B man has finally started eating table food. Plus holding his own bottle!!!! Yay! He doesn’t feed himself though. Nope. Nor use a sippy cup. Baby steps people, Baby steps.

• P has been cooking up some delicacies lately. Pan seared copper river salmon. Filet Mignon. Chicken Enchiladas. Superb burgers. So good.

• Have some milestones coming up. P and I are married 13 years on Monday. My mom turns 70 on the 6th. I have a milestone birthday coming up as well. Soon.

• Every time I hear a news item about the baby in China whose mother let him go down the toilet drain I get so teary. Give him to me. Or another one of us yearning for a child. We will love him and squeeze and feed him.


Anonymous said...

i'm now STARVING!

T has been regressing in the potty department, too. wtf? i'm waiting for him to come down with an illness or something.

i don't even want to know about the baby. apparently my aversion to the news is good for something!

Blast from the Past said...

Hi, Jen -

Not sure how long you've been following me since I've been on a bit of a hiatus - for no good reason (see my 6/1/13 blog).

I've read through a few of your latest blogs - sounds like you have a fun family! And congrats on the new place! Though you expressed some longing for where you were, it sounds like overall this was a positive move.

My kids are 22 and 24, so I'm not exactly in the same boat as you regarding everyday life, but who can really say what normal is anyway? :)

I'm looking forward to getting to know you in the blogosphere...