Tuesday, December 3, 2013

18 Month Old Comparison

These are pictures of both children taken at 18 months. People say they look alike, I do see some resemblance, but I see more differences. V is heavier than Benny, and looks more like a mix of us. Benny looks almost exactly like me as a baby.

Neither of them have tons of hair as you can tell :)


The Captain's Wife said...

Benny looks a lot smaller than her. Is he a peanut? S just had his 18 month and he was a whopping 27lbs! And almost 3 ft tall. He is a frigin tank.

JEN said...

Benny is smaller than her. He is only 22 lbs, but really, really tall. (Surprisingly). She is only 38 lbs at 5 years old.

professional football player in your future?