Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Night Leftovers

This has been a crummy week. Over 12 inches of snow, terrible driving conditions EVERY day this week, negative temperatures, super long commutes (usually 20 min), blowing winds. I am so glad it is FRIDAY! I’ve lived in this area for 10 years and it is the worst I ever remember it.

P took Benny for a sleep study last night. He said the worst part was the 45 minutes it took two techs to wire him up. He offered to take him back when we scheduled it, so I was thrilled. Especially since he hasn’t slept worth a darn the last three nights. Poor little guy. Also, poor big guy because he didn’t get much sleep.

The holidays seemed long this year because we were shut in. Can’t Christmas be in the middle of summer? I guess we have to move to Australia for that. I had to work Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, but they were kind enough to let us out a few hours early. We had both families over on the 28th, and boy, was it hectic (and crowded). P made some awesome food – homemade NY style cheesecake, fried brussel sprouts, fingerling parm potatoes, pear/pomegranate salad, rack of lamb, homemade green bean casserole. If you follow me on instagram, the pics are on there. They make me drool.

For Christmas, P bought me a FITBIT (LOVE IT!), a IPad Mini, a device to project Videos onto the big screen TV, and a Keurig! I loved all the gifts. So nice to be loved at the holidays. Why is taking down the decorations a downer yet putting them up is so much fun?

I sure haven’t been to the gym. I have been walking inside/climbing lots of stairs at lunch. My record is 352 stairs during a 20 min walk.

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