Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I don’t’ write about it much but we have been having behavior problems with V for some time. She is great at school, but at home it is a mess of tantrums, crying, whining, hitting, disobeying, rudeness, scratching, kicking, throwing and general all out anger. I’ve met with several physicians/therapists over the last year. They think she has some traits of several things going on: some OCD, some ADHD (which I find surprising), a few autistic traits (but definitely not with interpersonal communication but more social interaction), some tics, along with an underlying mood/anxiety disorder. We need more appointments, and more evaluations. She was found to be very bright and very charming. So we just don’t’ know right now. We love her so much and just want her to be happy and normal.

After the appointment she asked to go to coney island for dinner. Since Dad was out of town, I obliged. Here is her brother rocking a plaid shirt and finally some hair. He ate so much food.

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M-in-law said...

Great pictures of the kids.