Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Night Leftovers

* We went my hometown last weekend.  It was strange to see so many people downtown.  Usually there is nothing going on but there is a new restaurant with outdoor seating, a new ice cream shop, and a new hotel going up.  So it was kind of nice to see.  My mom complained that "everyone always wants to sit outside".  Yes, count me in. I"m in a office all day, so I find eating outdoors to be delightful. 

* My mom also complained about the crowds.  It's a town of 10,000 people year round.  I'm afraid she is crossing over into old lady-dom.  She didn't want to run the air conditioner.  She didn't/couldn't walk very far.  She repeated stories that I told her to me like she had heard them somewhere else.  Her fridge was stuffed with food.  Tons of food.  This is a bit worrying and I'm keeping an eye on it closely.

*  My baby girl turns seven on Monday.  I don't even know how that happened.  Where did ages 3-7 go?

* Camp only has three weeks left.  They did a field trip to a waterpark yesterday and she was wiped out when she came home.  She wouldn't eat dinner and we got her to drink fluids.  She was asleep by 8:00 pm.  I am wondering if she has her father's tolerance to long stretches of sun.

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