Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Night Leftovers

*This is the second week of school and V has not brought home any homework yet.  Strange.  The teacher last year had a lot of homework.  We are reading at least 15 min a night.  I really need to hit the Math and penmanship though. 

*The weeks become busier.  Wednesdays we usually have counseling for V’s ADHD in a nearby town.   Thursdays the kids are taking dance (Benny too!).  V is taking Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop and Benny is taking creative dance.  That means we are at the dance studio from 5:30-7:15.   By Friday my kids (AND I) are exhausted.    We aren’t signed up for religious ed on Monday’s because frankly, I don’t think the kids can do any more during the week.  We’re all tired.  

*I have been trying to take off a Friday and go visit my mother for a long weekend.  There is either something at work I cannot miss OR someone else already has the day off.   My mom is spreading the guilt on thick.

*P is gone pretty much the entire month of September.  Which is my favorite month.  We’re managing but both drop off and pick up plus bedtimes will do me in soon. 


The Captain's Wife said...

We are on week 3 with no homework too!! I keep asking K about it, and keep checking the homework website, but nothing!!

Kari said...

Hey Jen, Just wanted to check in to see if you emailed me yet? I haven't received anything. I'm wondering if maybe it isn't coming through because your a no-reply blogger. That can easily be changed in your personal settings of blogger. Hope you are doing well!