Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Night Leftovers

Friday Night Leftovers

Why yes, I’m alive. I always say how busy I am, but it’s true. Some nights, I don’t have time to eat dinner, so just grab a smoothie or something fast like toast and cheese.

I been doing a much better job of putting the laundry away lately. P has been taking V to counseling appointments on Wednesday nights instead of me, so I’ve been putting away laundry those nights, so it’s not such a terrible job (around 5 loads) on Sunday. So much laundry.

Also helping with laundry put away is that I’ve gotten into watching “The Walking Dead”. I run it on the Ipad while I put away laundry. I have always read and watched a lot of post-apocalyptic movies and books. We had watched the first four episodes on Netflix some time ago, but P wasn’t that huge of a fan. When I was off having surgery there was a marathon, so I Tivo’d the rest of season one and most of two. Then I started downloading on Amazon. I’m now on Season six. So amazing. So heartbreaking. I’m a Rick fan of course. Rick all the way! Carol has to be my 2nd favorite character, followed by Glenn.

I’ve been trying to get back into running after my break for surgery. One day I did one mile, and one day I did 1.6 miles. I wish I was back up to 2.5 miles that I had been doing previously. I still want to do a 5K in April. I need some serious training before then.

The weather has been crazy lately. 50 and sunny one day, 55 and artic force winds the next day, 42 the next day, 65 and sunny the next day. Welcome to Spring in Michigan.

We had the presidential primary here in Michigan last week. Trump and Sanders won. My two least favorite candidates. C’mon Michigan.


Anonymous said...

Nooooo Darryl is the best on Walking Dead. Hands down!!!

MrsSpock said...

Carol and Michonne are my favorites.