Saturday, July 1, 2017

Preschool Graduation

When I found out I was pregnant with B, V was attending a very nice (expensive) daycare in town.  I put B on a list for the infant room, which anyone in daycare knows is both expensive and fills very quickly.  I wasn't always the happiest at V's daycare - there was a lot of turnover and I had to pack a lunch.  But it was convenient, clean, there was a gym,  she had a bunch of good friends, and she seemed to be learning.  Two kids there would run upwards of $2400 a month which I thought was silly. 

I found a new daycare that was a home based center.  It was the best of both worlds.  The owners and their son all ran in along with some support staff.  They are licensed for 42 kids and the Pre-K has it own teacher.  They are loving and kind and it's a great environment.  So I moved V there when I was 7 months pregnant with B.  She "graduated" from there and now my B did too.  So sad I won't be seeing those people every day.  They are truly like family.   B started day camp with V this year.  Two weeks in, he's still transitioning from his sheltered environment,  but I like all the activities he gets to do - field trips, playground, library, martial arts.  The lunch packing for two kids is getting old though.    In the fall it's Kindergarten time!!!

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MrsSpock said...

I am feeling thrilled that E will be in school all day this year and I will only need child care for C a few days a week,at $35 per day. C will bein preschool two mornings as well.