Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Victoria Report

SO I haven't had time to update in a while. Life is so, so busy. Between laundry, yard work, trying to cook decent/healthy/GF food, trying to get some exercise, reading to Vi, cleaning up after Vi, chasing VI around the house, packing lunches, trying to have a conversation with my husband, actually putting away laundry (not that any of these things ever are accomplished), there is no time left.

Vi has been interesting lately.
*She is cutting four more teeth and drooling at an alarming rate. She has a much smaller appetite than months 8-11 and refuses many foods. Feeding her is a challenging and frustrating exercise. It seems like the only things she wants to eat are stage II green beans, cereal, and yoghurt. Oh and those damn puffs. I am so sick of those puffs. Those things are so addictive. She loves them and that is all she wants to eat sometimes. I stopped buying them and bought multigrain cheerios instead. At least they contain fiber.
* She wants to climb, climb, climb. I follow her climbing up the stairs to our second level and she loves it! I've been taking her to a play structure at the end of our sub to climb and slide. She really likes it but throws tantrums when it is time to go home. This particular play structure is better than the big one at a different playground because it does not have wood chips. Not only are wood chips a huge problem because they stick all over clothing, all VI wants to do when we go to playgrounds with them is play with them and eat them. She won't play. This park thankfully removes that destraction and has this spongy asphalt under the structure.
* She absolutely refuses to hold her own bottle or sippy cup at home. I have purchased over 5 different kind in an attempt to get her to drink on her own. Nope. She can't get the hang of tipping the cup/bottle up and then doesn't get any liquid and gives up. Moms - Does anyone have any tips??? I am trying to get her to drink from a straw which does not necessitate tipping, but so far not working.
* Still not walking yet but is crusing the furniture and picking things up with one hand. She's getting there and frankly, we're not in a big hurry.
* Transition to the older daycare class is starting this week. They are all walkers. She is not. She cries in there and doesn't like it. They say she doesn't like going outside. Someone has replaced my child with aliens because she loves being outside. They have a different nap and eating schedule and she is not feeding herself yet so I am quite worried. Plus I have to pack her a little lunch and I am afraid she won't eat it. I guess it won't kill her to be hungry.


DOnna said...

She has a lot of years to walk - don't rush her :)

Lisa said...

My son used to eat gravel at the playgrounds, so we had to avoid them for a while. That was in the 80's when safety wasn't as big as it is now.