Thursday, January 28, 2010


*THe bandage stays on for 7 days.
*The clinic nurse said that the swelling would peak tomorrow most likely. I"m glad because my lip is so closed to splitting, it's barely hanging on.
*I can open my mouth a little bit farther today.
*I have a hard time talking. It doesn't stop me from trying.....
*I'm feeling hungry for the first time in a few days. Food is starting to sound good now.
*The nausea is a lot, lot better. It was crummy when I was taking more Norco. I cut it back a bit. I'm good at self-medicating.
*My forehead has a huge goose egg on it. Where did that come from? I emailed my surgeon and he said it was where the breathing tube was taped down and that is is highly unusual. I'm not making it up and it's sore.

*I slept in the recliner the last two nights to help with the swelling. It actually wasn't too bad, except for the very loud wind chimes outside (yes, they were mine). I miss my husband.

* It takes a lot of work to ingest food. Everything must be pureed finely, sucked up in a 2 0z syringe with a tube, the tube arranged in my mouth away from all the stiches and then contents released. Today I had lots of water, almost an entire Boost, 1 c of lemon rice soup, 1/2 squash soup, and a 1 c yogurt smoothie. This took almost constant eating to ingest.

*I miss cuddling with my VI so, so much. I can't be close to her or she woudl wallpe me with her head or hurt me in some way. SHe's pretty confused by it all, just wants to sit with mama and why isn't mama talking to her???

*Have movies to watch, stuff to read. Not interested except for getting on Facebook once and a while. That's it.

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Searching for Serenity said...

Rest up this weekend and take it easy.