Friday, April 23, 2010

V stories

I've had so many things I want to blog about lately. P has been working insane hours again and it is all I can do every night to keep the place from falling down by doing the minimum. Victoria has been funny lately though. Some of the adorable things she has done:

* I gave her a piece of bread to eat with peanut butter (her ped recommended it) and jelly. I cut it in half and put it on her plate. She was so sad I cut it in half and tried to fit the two pieces together again like a puzzle. It was adorable. She ended up eating it though.

* One day last week I took her across to the central mailbox to get the mail (our sub isn't all posh or anything, so don't get that idea :). She kept pulling on my hand in a direction we don't normally go and repeating something over and over. Finally, I noticed she spotted the two ducks that hang out eating from bird feeders in the sub. What she was saying was "quack, quack ducks" over and over. We went over and looked at them and she would lean back on her haunches and move closer and closer until they flew away. This week's obsession is with a neighbor's bunny statue that she thinks is a real bunny.

* She loves it when I say the names of all the kids in her class and seem so surprised - "how does mommy know that"? Then she says "hi ____", "Hi ___" and I do the ones she doesn't. It is her favorite new game.

* The other night in the bath I told her "I love you" and she said "I love you" back. I cried. It was a beautiful moment.

* We are done with the High Chair. I bought her a booster that fits on a kitchen seat and she is so much happier at mealtimes.

* The amount of talking she does lately is stunning! All those months I spent talking to her nonstop are paying off. She "tries" out words and will repeat what you say. The most frequent things she likes to say are "no, mommy", "sleepy baby", "baby bear", "elmo", "no way!", "I need", "flower".

* She knows all the animal names- horse, pig, sheep, cow, dog, cat, bird, goat and the sounds they make. She also knows the colors blue, red, purple, black.


Searching for Serenity said...

You've got a smart cookie on your hands. I teared up reading that she responded to you by saying she loves you. Oh dear I yearn to hear those words someday soon. For now, I'm happy with giggles, screams and Ba Ba Ba.

Kelly said...

sounds adorable!

MrsSpock said...

We just put away the high chair too- now he uses his toddler table.