Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I'm not even sure what to say. this is going to be rambly-esque post.

It's been busy.

The crap:
P was in Philly for work. He got home. He experienced a bad cold. He was crabby and feeling crappy to boot.
It was stiflingly hot and humid.
I lost yet another implant. I'm 1 for 4 right now.
My BSSO surgery was delayed by two months to January (okay, this is both good and bad as January is better than November)
Don't know if I want to invest more $$ in my teeth.
V has been laying on the floor an awful lot in protest. This is very hard on the parents' backs.
P's back is bad from lifting laundry as he had major problems for a week (see above).
V picked up P's glasses and broke the earpiece clean off with a snap. She wasn't the least bit sorry either.
Horrible hair days
Got my period after five days late. Was starting to play "what if" which is can be a heartbreaking game for infertiles. I was sure is was going to be a boy too.
Having dilemnna whether to sell all the baby stuff or not. Letting it go will be difficult to let go of V's babyhood and accept that she will be my only baby. However, maybe I'll have one of those haha moments where I got rid of stuff and now I'm pregnant!
2nd molars trying to erupt. Enough said.

The fun stuff:
I'm finished with my 3rd course of antibiotics! Yeah!
I took V to a new playstructure with swings twice this week after work. We had so much fun! She swang and swang and I had to basically drag her home. We need a swingset of our very own. I have spent so much time looking for a decent swingset for under $300. Craigslist, (don't want to dissassemble and carry away), ToysRus, Amazon, Walmart, etc. We haven't wanted to shell out $500 for the same ones in all the yards, but I really think she would use it. P and I finally agreed that he would get her one next spring FOR SURE.
What Halloween costume to get for V? This is fun part of parenting. She is still at the age where she has no say in what she gets to wear, and I get to indulge in whatever I can find a good deal on and that is cute! I am leaning towards Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street. I would like to try and make it but I am so sewing challenged.
The oral surgeon is not charging me for my 2nd "corrective" surgery!!!
P booked a 10th Anniversary Trip for us in December.
Labor Day is coming up - going to visit family up North (V and I are) for a long weekend.
Gymboree coupon for 20% off + gift card = :)
Been eating some great Gluten Free Bread this week from Celiac Specialities. texture is weird, but taste is great!


Kelly said...

It is hard some people to let baby stuff go at all, however then there is me - get this stuff out of my basement!

Sorry about your jaw, but glad you don't have to pay again! Keep us posted on this.

Anonymous said...

i've been thinking about the baby stuff, too. it takes up so much room...but what if.... hmmm.....

it's supposed to be great weather this weekend. you guys can be at the playground all the time!

MrsSpock said...

I've been debating whether to give away or sell all the baby stuff and maternity clothes once this one arrives. Too hard to decide!