Thursday, September 9, 2010

Good shopping and "Me" day

Vi and I have been on vacation visiting my family for the Holiday while Daddy is backpacking. I decided to take the last day of my vacation as a "ME" day since I so seldom have them. I woke up early (sigh) but read the news and blogs in bed on my Netbook. Vi woke up and I got her dressed and fed and dropped her off at school. There was no hurry, so I sat and visited with the other little kids which was really, really fun. Surprisingly there were no tears when I left (P and I both have had bawling on drop off lately).

I went directly to the gym and had a fabulous workout. I did intervals on the elliptical and some light weight machines. After that, I left and bought a gigantic Diet Coke with ice from McDonalds. On a whim I decided to cruise over to AA and go to their kids' resale shop (much nicer and larger than the one in my town) and possibly visit Whole Foods after that for some Gluten Free goodies.

The resale shop was quite busy and I ended up spending $76. I was really looking for some Halloween costumes, but they mostly had infants left. The goods: a Gymboree Christmas Oufit $12, a pair of Gap brown cords and matching sweater $12, a pair of Gap jeans - $6.50, a Gymboree sweater - $4.50, a pair of pink snowpants - $8, a pair of New Merrel pink toddler snow boots (new with tags - $5!), and the most beautiful pink winter coat with a furry hood from the Children's Place, new with tags for $8.50.

After that I ran over to Whole Foods and picked up some good cheese, GF bread ($8- CRAZY), snacks, etc. Then I drove home super quickly, shoveled down lunch, took a quick shower and ran to get my hair cut and highlighted. While there, I read THREE magazines UNMOLESTED which was very nice. I picked up my child and had a nice evening with her.

It was great and I highly recommend.


Julie said...

I like Whole Foods a great deal, but it is really "Whole Paycheck" isn't it? We call it that around here. Love hearing about your bargains!

Anonymous said...

haha. we call it whole paycheck, too! we LOVE whole foods, though. the hotbar is awesome! the new one on the other side of town has a wine bar and a gelato bar. awesome. we let the babies try some sorbet the last time we were there. i'm sure people thought we were crazy!!

me time is soooooo important. i'm so glad you got some. and that resale shop is so crazy! we tried to go on wednesday this week and i just had to get out of there. there were way too many people there :(

MrsSpock said...

I love scoring great-priced used Gymboree and gap clothes! Sounds like an awesome day.