Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Victoria!

Oh Victoria, You are three years old today. Wow. My little baby. Things I want to remember about this time (bad and good):

1. You frequently ask for a little sister.
2. You are so happy when the entire family sets out in the car together. You like going places with both of us.
3. You love to put on whatever shoes of yours you find around the house, usually two different and the wrong feet and run around in the yard like that.
4. Sometimes when you put on your shorts “by myself” you put both legs through one hole. So cute.
5. Your hair is longer on the sides than in the back and you still don’t have much bangs. It’s still super fine and thin too.
6. If there is something on your plate that you don’t like, you insist it be taken off immediately. You don’t want it anywhere near you.
7. Bedtime has become quite difficult for you. You cry and cry about being left in bed alone. You’re so upset. We don’t why it developed or how to stop it. It’s ended with you staying up too late and us not getting any alone time like we used to.
8. You LOVE to swing. For a long time. And you want to “go higher” so you bounce in the seat because you are so high. That is “how Daddy does it”. You won’t use the slide however.
9. When I pick you up at school you yell “Mama!” and run and give me a hug. I love it.
10. When I give you a chip or cracker or anything you always used to demand “I need two” one for each hand. Now you say “I need three” and I really have to give you three or you are upset.
11. This year you have been so excited about your birthday saying, “ it’s my birthday”. All. The. Time.
12. You’ve developed a fear of dogs.
13. We are in the throes of “Toy Story” mania at our house. You constantly say “what happened to Buzz, mama? What happened to Buzz?” when he falls and his arm breaks off and “where is Woody’s hat mama?” when he loses his hat.


Searching for Serenity said...

Happy Birthday V! What a cute party dress you have one.

Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

her hair is... interesting, isn't it? I bet it will be lush and beautiful very soon. She is a lovely little thing and looks so pretty in her dress.

Happy Birthday V!


Alisha said...

Happy birthday! What a sweetie pic!

Anonymous said...

hey! happy 3rd birthday! :) yea!

also: forgot to ask where the NY and co is?? i used to LOVE that store, but now it's gone by me!

:( any more thought to egg donors? or next steps?

Julie said...

happy belated birthday, V! what a lovely post too! I really should be jotting down similar lists. ugh. better late than never, right? ;) xoxo