Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wal-Mart adventure

I really don't care for the wal-mart in our town. I usually do Kroger, Target, and Costco. A big new one was just built south of town and is really clean and not crowded. I went saturday to recycle cans and get a few staples. I was pushing a heavy cart (soda), and corralling V who was walking next to me and heading for the checkout when a middle aged women with no groceries and no cart approached me.

Her: (smiling) how are you?
Me: (still pushing the cart and walking) ok. (Jehovah's witness?- I've been approached by them at a bus stop and also in a restaurant bathroom)
Her: I am involved in a business venture where I am supposed to meet five new people a day.
Me: what, are you selling Kirby vacuums? ( I once had someone knock on my door selling kirby's at 9:30 pm on a dark January night)
Her: (chuckles) no.
me: is it Amway?
Her: (excitedly). Yes!
Me: No. Way. Not interested. (pushed the cart even faster)

I can't help thinking:
What signal am I putting out that it is okay for these people to approach me?
How do people get hooked into to this ridiculous pyramid scheme?
How desperate or not intelligent is this lady to get involved in this crap?


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you handled it well! I have a friend that sells Herbalife and I just am not interested. It's really strained our friendship.


Barb said...

You just look friendly and approachable. :) Happens to me all the time.