Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

* The weather has been glorious here (well, except for the areas where the tornado rolled through). I had to find spring coats, short sleeve shirts, and the biggest challenge - something maternity that fits and is lighter (thank goodness V was a summer pregnancy). We've been outside every evening just enjoying the goodness.
* My tulips are coming up!
* I don't ever remember it being this warm, this early in the year.
* P wants to look at minivans. Can you imagine fitting a double stroller and assorted junk in the Edge (I adore my Edge)? It's difficult because the only American branded minivans on the market are the two Chryslers. GM and Ford have killed their lines. We are not huge Chrysler fans. Sorry to offend anyone. Considering a Ford Flex, but the sliding doors on a minivan would be great in the garage, wouldn't they?
* Hunger Games movie is out next weekend. I can't wait!
* P got a promotion and raise at work. I'm very proud of him.
* This morning at my work is going by so slowly. I had to be here at 7:00 am for a meeting and the morning is just dragging on. Usually it is time to go home before I know it!
* 32 weeks pregnant today. With my second. Gosh, that is foreign sounding.

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Anonymous said...

the weather has been GREAT!! and how are you 32 weeks pregnant? didn't that just happen?? so glad to hear that V's school is doing better. amazing what a small change can do, you know?

how long will you be off work?

MrsSpock said...

Wow- 32!

We fit the sit n stand in the back of my Ford Escape (We have a Joovy Caboose). I do, however, go back and forth about getting a minivan instead, but so far we've been able to pack everything up and go to Cleveland with 2 kids and fit everything in. In a few years, they'll be in smaller seats, so I'll probably end up hanging in there.

Gretchen H. said...

My dad has a Chrysler van, a town and country i believe it is, it is so convenient to ride in it with the doors opening at a push of a button and all the fold down seating. I drive a Ford Escape, which works great with one. Don't know how it would be with 2 (and I'm NOT finding out ha ha).

Congrats to Paul. He worked so hard for it!!!!


SassyMandaG said...

Hooray for 32 weeks! Fantastic. I hope you are well. Good luck with the minivan search.