Thursday, March 15, 2012

New School Update

V loves her new school. She has a new friend, smaller class sizes, a hom-ier atmosphere, extra attention, and new activities. On the plus size, I don't have to make lunch and she is forced to eat things that I wouldn't make her eat, like meatloaf and fish. In addition, she naps there. She never napped at the old school; I'm not sure why. She has had one potty accident in the last two weeks. She had them daily at the old school. She is being attended to and reminded, which I love! She comes home excited and Saturday even asked, "are we going to Miss Debra's today"? which surprised me.

There are some things I miss about the old school. The spacious parking lot, the sign in/out area, the other parents, seeing and knowing the other children. We also received a daily sheet there with what exactly our child ate and how long they napped. We don't get that at the new school; I always ask about the nap at least.

I am thrilled at how well she is doing there. Plus, it is $180 a month cheaper.

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