Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - New Baby Edition

* Baby is a month old on Monday! I can't believe it. * All the kid does is eat. Seriously. He ate six oz in the night last night. I'm concerned about overfeeding, but he is starving! * He smiled at me today. Plus a half smile for sister. * I am still having a LOT of pain where I had the two spinal/epidurals for the C section. That hurts worse than the C section incision. * He is wearing size 1 diapers and size 0-3 months cloths. He sure went through the newborn clothes quickly! His sister was in newborn clothes for 5 months. * He needs very little head support. And he can roll on his side easily. The kid is strong. Very strong. * Been referring to him as "Benny". * He is a screamer. I think he has a little touch of colic. He screams 15-20 min around 7:30 pm each night. If he is hungry then he screams until the food is placed in his mouth. He also has bad gas. Smelly gas. * Can't believe I'm doing this again. Loving it! *


Anonymous said...

wow! what a growing baby!!! :)


and congrats on your anniversary.

The Captain's Wife said...

i never even broke out the newborn stuff!i left all the tags on so i could return them :). seeing as though K was 8.4 I "knew" i would have another big baby.

i am sorry your back is bothering you. my girly parts and hiney still hurt too :(

Life Happens said...

You have such a precious baby boy. And he has such a cute big sister. :)

Happy one month old Benny!

MrsSpock said...

Can't believe it's been this long!

Julie said...

Oh Jen - congrats!!! so happy for you. Benjamin is adorable! xoxo

Julie said...

PS - boys are so much fun!