Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - Absent Mother Edition

1. It has been a long time! Been meaning to blog and things are crazy. Including a baby that dos not want to be set down. Right now he is sleeping on the couch with the sides of his head being enclosed by a Boppy Pillow. That is why my hands are free! __________________________________________________________________________________ 2. We've been gone a lot. I was up visiting my hometown for five days (it was a long 4 hour drive - more like 6) with a toddler and screamy infant. The weather was amazing though. 75 F, sunny, breeze from Lake Huron. V and I did playground time and I did some morning walks by myself. Nice. Then we went to P's hometown on Lake Michigan over the 4th of July. It was really, really hot. Thank goodness we got a Motel room and did not roast with no air conditioning in the older-ladies-house-that-refuse-to-open-a-window-because-they-think-it-is-cooler-but-it-is-stuffy-like-an-oven. __________________________________________________________________________________ 3. My (crazy) sister's husband moved out. Oh the drama. There has been a LOT OF DRAMA, did I say that? I feel bad for my mom because my BIL helped her with a lot of things, and now she has to find a combination son/handyman. __________________________________________________________________________________ 4. I am still feeling fat! I have down about 18 lbs since I delivered, but there are 10 stubborn pounds that are not yet leaving. I haven't been back to the gym due to lack of babysitting and .the fact that my C section area is still pretty sore. I need to tone up and nicer weather so I can do even more walking. __________________________________________________________________________________ 5. My braces are off! After almost five years. I think I am the patient with the longest time in braces at my Orthodontist's office. They took them off because my teeth were beginning to decay due to the hardware (3 cavaties and counting :( ). I'm in retainers that thankfully have false teeth in the open spaces, so it looks good. Did you know retainers aren't metal anymore? They are clear, thin, plastic trays. My next surgery is scheduled for October. It's for bone grafting on my upper jaw. It is under general anesthesia in the OR, something I'm not too thrilled about. __________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Benjamin is still up in the night once or twice. V was sleeping through the night at this age. Ugh. I go back to work in two weeks and am a bit concerned about it. For more leftovers see:


The Captain's Wife said...

I go back to work Monday :( and S is still gettig up way early in the am, like 4:30 or 5. T feeds him ariund 1:00 and then we get a 5hr (give or take 30) stretch. I guess starting next week that will be my alarm clock!

Stepping On Cheerios said...

I've been MIA from blogging too but trying to get back to it this week!

It's so tough when our babies are little, it's hard to remember that it won't last long!

I hate drama. I hate drama!!!

Don't worry about the extra pounds...did you see that story on the Today show about real moms showing their postpartum bellies?????

Danifred said...

I'm so jealous you are getting so much sleep. None of my children have ever been good sleepers. *sigh*