Friday, July 27, 2012

A Thursday Recap

Yesterday started out well. I left work at 12:00, drove over to pick up the baby, came home and ate lunch with one hand while I held him. At 3:30, I had to take him for immunizations since he was already behind being almost 11 weeks. I am not anti-immunizations, but I do believe they give too many at once and that it is a lot for a little one’s immune system to uptake. Thus, I like to space them out on an alternate schedule. When I made the appointment with the medical assistant, I specified that I wanted the oral rotavirus and the Bordella pertussis (whooping cough). That is one injection combined with polio and one of the Hepatitis vaccines. When I got to the office Benny made a giant poop in the waiting room. (Oh my gosh can that kid poop!). The nurse came out and winced at the smell and told him I had to change him in the bathroom and NOT the exam room because the smell was making her “nauseous”. (I think she just had a gastric bypass). It was a HUGE blowout and it took me a long time to clean him up and change into a new outfit (especially since I forgot the wipes!). She kept knocking on the door to ask if I was done. Then I double checked with her regarding which shots he was getting. She said she prepared all the 2 month shots (3 injections and one oral) and no one told her otherwise, that these others would be wasted. I informed that I was extremely clear when I scheduled and that she should have checked with me prior to prepping them. I’m fully aware of all the vaccinations since I am a Microbiologist by training. She then tried to bully and ridicule my alternate schedule and left the room exasperated. I almost left I was so angry. A medical assistant came in, gave him his two scheduled vaccinations and we left. What a crappy experience. ___________________________________________________________________________ We then went to Target to get diapers, etc. As we were in the checkout line, a 40-ish year old man walked by pushing a cart, leaned into my baby’s sleeping face, and shouted “wake up”. WHAT THE HELL? I was in the middle of paying and was so shocked, I didn’t do anything. He walked away very quickly. The baby didn’t wake up, thank goodness. HOW DO I ATTRACT THESE PEOPLE? __________________________________________________________________________ We picked up V and she is signed up for a special five week tap dance class which she loves. At the end of class she came out (it is closed door which I do not like for 3-5 year olds) and the teacher came out and told me she tried to spit on another student. For the love of Jesus!!! What was she thinking? I was so embarrassed and the other mothers heard. I felt like were judging me. Why does my kid have to act up? ___________________________________________________________________________ To top off the evening, V has had fecal leakage for weeks. I’m pretty sure she has encopresis. Dear Lord, I don’t want her to suffer. Thank Goodness it is FRIDAY!

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Anonymous said...

wow. that's a lot to take in! wtf with that guy? my only explaination is that he has to have untreated serious and persistent mental illness. seriously.

and poor lil V. wonder what all that is about. and why is it closed door? they don't want dance moms?

how's work going??