Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

* Thus finishes my 3rd week back to work. Benny will be 3 months old on Monday and I miss him so darn much. My daughter too. :( _______________________________________________________________________________ * Today my baby is FOUR YEARS OLD! Her dad took her camping Up North with his family. They didn't realize that it was her birthday weekend. We are going to celebrate on the 26th. Doing what, I'm not sure yet! Was thinking about Chuck E Cheese (any advice - good or bad?). _______________________________________________________________________________ * This weekend I was going to just hang out with the baby, love on him, and watch TV. My mom invited herself down (and is bringing my mentally impaired nephew). I guess I'll be carting them around everywhere now. _______________________________________________________________________________ * Working on my performance evaluation at work. I hate doing performance evals. They fill me with dread and anxiety. I have to review goals, etc. Ugh. It was put off because I was out on leave. ________________________________________________________________________________ * I'm ready for fall. Leaves, cooler evenings, warm days, fallen leaves, pumpkin everything, tights, sweatshirts. _________________________________________________________________________________ * Been craving pizza. Unfortunately it has to be Gluten Free and it is a huge pain in the butt. For more Friday Night Leftovers, visit Danifred:

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