Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday!

We are fairly lax this year. I blame it on the new baby and being back to work. Is that fair? P took V camping on her actual birthday. His family was up North camping and it was really easy for them to just run up and stay. She was so excited about staying in a tent! Eating smores! They had a nice time but both were super crabby when they arrived home last night. Last Thursday, I sent cookies and little ice cream cups to daycare (36 of them to be exact). There are 12 kids in her immediate group, but more share her area so I wanted to make sure they were included too. Her teacher had her wear a little crown and sticker all day (see picture – we were in MD office, but she wouldn’t take it off) which made her feel very important. Her birthday party is the 26th and we are planning on having it at a trampoline place. It just opened.

Victoria is:
Obsessed with Shrek lately (I despise it).
Having horrific GI problems that have tried all of us to the depths of our being
Sleeps from 9ish – 7:15ish and now taking a nap at daycare
Likes to brush her teeth with her new glowing timer toothbrush
Is not interested in toys currently
Loves to swing. Could swing for hours.
Refuses to pedal her cute princess bike
Talks nonstop when she is excited
Likes her tap dance class but misses gymnastics
Still hates animals and is terrified of dogs
Favorite foods are probably hot dogs, chips, mac and cheese
Asks constantly for snacks or to have a movie put on. Constantly. Will repeat herself multiple times.
Calls her brother “brudder”
Still only had one tiny haircut


Searching for Serenity said...

Happy Birthday V!!

Such a cute picture. She looks like she's distracted and thinking 'just take the picture already'.

We went through a Shrek fascination period here too. Where o' Where did you get a glow in the dark timed toothbrush??

I hope you all have fun celebrating on the 26th.

Barb said...

My family doesn't always do big bdays either