Monday, March 18, 2013

Ear Infection - Take Three

Mr Benny ( yes, we do call him that) was acting strangely last weekend.  He has been sleeping well for the last two weeks, up two or three times a night.  I usually get up and feed him once and try to ignore him the rest of the times.  I’m still awake though L.   He started shaking his head vehemently and pulling at his ears.  No fever.  This kid NEVER gets a fever when he is ill.  I’m not sure why.  It’s abnormal and weird.   I took him to daycare Monday and then he coughed a lot all night long and had me up 3+ times.  P was going out of town Tuesday- Thursday so I took his sister to daycare and him to urgent care.  We waited three hours.  UGH.  The ear I thought was infected was infected and so was the other one which was worse.  Poor little guy L  I got his amoxicillin filled and took him home.  He seemed worse the next day, would hardly eat or drink.  I kept him home again and he slept for 5 hours.  Only on me.  With me holding him.   I was like a zombie.  The next day I took him back to daycare and he seemed fine.  This is the 3rd ear infection he has had.  I think tubes are in his future.  If I could get an actual appointment at his regular pediatric group, maybe we could discuss it!

Oh to top off the crappy week, V started projectile puking Wednesday.  All over the carpet.  Dear Lord, help us.  Very craptastic week!


The Captain's Wife said...

this has been the worst winter! Both K and S have literally been sick since before Thanksgiving!

Took them both into pedi last Tues and insisted on antibiotics (both had ear infections (a first for both) and sinus infections, as well as pink eye (3rd time this winter) for K)! Now a full week later...both are still sick and I am the sickest I've been all winter :( and to too it off, we're getting yet another foot of snow tonight!! GAH!!!!! Stop the madness!

JEN said...

Everyone has been sick this winter. I am so over it! And more snow? In Mid March??? UGH.