Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers - the About me Edition

• I miss exercise so much. So, so much. I walk at lunch and do stairs for 40 minutes a few times a week, but it isn’t cutting it. Between the baby sleep strike of 2013 and moving, it’s been pushed to the back burner. I want to lose 7 lbs so my clothes fit – leftover baby weight. And firm up my crazy midsection. I guess I could get up at 5:00 am and get to the gym or basement, but sleep is such a priority lately. I feel terrible about myself and my self image.
• Another one of my-in-short-supply teeth has went bad. The long time in braces has added to the decay. I went to have a filling and after 8 shots, it just wouldn’t numb up most likely due to the nerve injury from my prior surgery. My face was in pain for DAYS. They decided to do a root canal and after 9 shots (two in the tongue – horrible), the Endodontist ended up drilling a hole in the tooth and injecting the lidocaine directly in. The pressure was immense, and then went dead. I could feel very minor discomfort. It was easier than the filling! Did you know a root canal is $1000? Plus at least another $800 for the crown? Wow. I may need 6 more.
• My geneticist has been on me about having another colonoscopy/endoscopy. It’s been almost four years. Yikes. I’ve been putting it off. When am I supposed to fit this in?
• Where do you buy clothes? I tend to go to Kohl’s or Marshall’s because it is convenient, but I really love and wear the most often the things I get at the Gap. They are plain (I like plain) and tasteful. I wish there was an outlet closer to me. Where else is good for clothes? Most of my clothes are getting so worn out. I realized the other day I’ve had some of my dress pants for 8-10 years. I hate buying pants. And bras. And shoes. It is so, so difficult to find shoes I like and that are comfortable and decently priced. Someone help me.
• Lots of whining and complaining. Long term sleep deprivation will do that do a person. Oh yes it will!


Anonymous said...

1) i HATE to shop!! so take everything i'm going to say with a grain of salt
2) DSW is actually awesome for shoes. they have them at many different pricepoints and generally have a HUGE selection. if you sign up for their "club" thing you get coupons on a regular basis, too. (i actually like shoping for shoes)
3) i did a personal shopper at nordstroms. in troy. so...far...but totally worth it. you can tell them your sizes, what you need, and what your budget is. then you go to a dressing room and they just bring things to you. the service itself is free. you MAY spend a little more on a few things, but i find that it's worth it and the stuff generally lasts. for example: if i go to banana republic or white house black market their dress pants are easily $100. i like the way they fit, but that seems excessive. at nordstrom you can buy their brand (halogen) and they are $80. just as an example. my dress pants that i got there more than 3 years ago still look brand new.
4) i hate when my self esteem and value gets caught up in how much i weigh. i know that it is tied into how you feel, how your clothes fit, etc. but it still kills me. 7 lbs isn't that much! hopefully you'll feel better in no time! :)

personal email coming soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, so sorry about more dental issues. You've had enough!