Friday, July 26, 2013

14 month Update

For some crazy reason, my pictures are posting sideways. Ugh.

14 months

You still only have four teeth. I thought more were coming, but have not yet broken the surface.
You can eat though. Oh boy, you can eat! I forget you had a swallowing and choking problem. Your particular favorites are banana and graham crackers. If you see anyone eating, you hang on their chair or lap like a little dog waiting for a bite.

You refuse to pull up to a stand often. You pull up to your knees all the time. You sometimes walk around on knees. BUT YOU WON”T WALK or cruise the furniture. At all. Or walk behind a push walker. Kid, let’s get a move on. I think both you and I would be happier if you were walking. But you get around. You crawl so quickly!

You still are not doing sippy cups for me. At school they can coax you into one.

You still only say a few words that I can tell, but you babble frequently. Mama, datdat, bub bye.

You still like to hit down block towers. I am going to cry when you tire of this.

Boy, does your sister bother you. Pull on you, take things away from you. I’ll be glad when you can give her a good clunk.

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