Monday, July 8, 2013

This holiday we went over to P's hometown which is a resort area on Lake Michigan.   The weather was great, 75-82 and sunny every day (we were there almost 5 days).  We did several fun activities, but really different activities than what we usually do there.  Young children now in tow perhaps.  The thing that has allowed us to enjoy our vacations the most there is renting a hotel room.  We used to stay with P's grandma that for some reason, doesn't like me, and keeps a very warm house when it is hot and insists on us being home for every meal, etc.  We really are too much for her.  P's mom has a small place and not much room.   So P got a hotel right near the beach and playground.  It had a little fridge and microwave and a small, baby-proofed patio that the baby loved crawling out to.  Oh and a pool!  A great heated pool STEPS from our door.  (Yes we used it - Lake Michigan is COLD). 

The best part of the vacation was just being with everyone for five days straight.  I am missing those kids and husband so much today as I am back to work.  :( 

Here are some pictures. (yes I look bad because my hair is full of sand, chlorine, lake water, and sunscreen.

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Anonymous said...

yes, lake michigan is COLD. i feel like all of the lakes are a little colder right now since it hasn't been as hot as last year!

how fun that you got a little break!!!