Monday, September 16, 2013

We have our first steps (finally!)

Finally this kid is walking. He is only 16 months, one day old. By walking, I mean he took steps by himself several times around the living room. For over an hour. It’s so neat and yet to strange to see him doing this. He was very pleased with himself. He (we would join in) would all clap when he fell down after each success. It was great.

I took him to Early On last week and had him tested because of these delays. He was charming and fun and the three testers really enjoyed him. They didn’t think there was a thing wrong with him. Other than his feeding being a bit delayed because he won’t drink from a straw or a cup much. I got him to do it once. In McDonalds to drink milk. They are going to retest him in January. So that is good news 

Of course I don’t have a picture because Blogger stinks. It posts all my pictures sideways and I don’t know how to fix it.

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The Captain's Wife said...

Yay for steps!!!!!! S just started walking a month ago. These lazy boys :). We had K evaluated at 18 months. She was also a late walker and had almost zero speech. Like she didn't even grunt. When the ladies came (to our home) and tested her they felt that her speech was significantly delayed but that her comprehension and cognitive language were advanced (she could identify items when you asked for them, understood when something was missing, and could follow basic direction/request "give mom the cup"). Because of that she was not qualified for therapy, but they have us some "tips" to get her talking and by 2 she didn't shut up! Lol.

Hopefully you see similar results and he is just blooming at his own speed .