Thursday, October 10, 2013

Quick Takes

• I am strongly considering moving my blog from Blogger. I am having problems posting photos and I don’t know why. I signed up for Google + because it said I could post from my phone, but I still couldn’t get this work. It’s frustrating. Is Wordpress better?
• V is really, really into Scooby Doo these days. The old episodes are way better than the new episodes. There are many of the old episodes that I remember from my childhood when I see them. There is a lot of this kind of stuff just floating around in our brains. Kind of fascinating.
• Like Dwij at HouseUnseen wrote about – September is such a great month in Michigan. My favorite month. Cold mornings, warm but not hot days, cool evenings, the trees are starting to turn colors, bugs are dying off, and the smell of fall is in the air. It is beautiful. Our new house has a large collection of trees. I have a feeling a LOT of raking is in our future. A lot! We do own a leaf blower so hopefully that will cut down on the amount.
• Benny sure loves to throw tantrums. They are so funny, it is difficult not to laugh. He arches his back and goes silent while the rage builds up, which he then screams out! They last 15-30 seconds. Usually due to 1. Wanting food, 2. Food isn’t coming fast enough, 3. A sippy cup has been sighted and is not in his mouth, 4. He wants to play in the yard or ride in the red car and is cruely forced to ride in the car instead, 5. He is being strapped in carseat in said car
• Paul took my on a surprise long weekend trip. I couldn’t believe how much I needed the break. I hired a Nanny for the kids instead of my mom, and I was finally able to relax. I’ll post more on it later.


Anonymous said...

you hired a nanny????? how???? did you interview her first? how did you get that contact? did she stay at your house? i'm dying for info on this.

also dying to know where you went because i am STILL drooling over your food. :)

and i love fall in michigan. i'm so bummed that i'll be away for three weeks where the "real feel" is currently 105 :(

Anonymous said...

oh. and wordpress is easy :)

Anonymous said...

what a sweet husband!