Monday, November 4, 2013

SIck baby

Friday the 18th we had a nice afternoon and I was looking forward to the field trip for daycare to the local Orchard/Pumpkin patch.  Last year, I left the baby at daycare and took only my daughter and P was out of town.  P was home and we took the afternoon off to spend time together.  Benny had been sick the two days prior; he developed a honking cough and I took him to Urgent Care on Wednesday morning (my ped never has any appointments).  He was super jolly and diagnosed with an ear infection (again!) and croup.  I filled his amoxicillin and took him home.  I kept him home the next day, just in case.  Friday afternoon when we went to pick him up, he looked AWFUL.  I wanted to take him home right then, but we all rode together and I really wanted a family fun time.  He clung to me and cried the entire time.  That night he had a fever.

Saturday morning he wouldn't eat, but would drink thank goodness.  coughing, crying, won't get off laps.  He spiked a bad fever in the afternoon and I called Urgent Care.  Then brought him in.  There was no wait. 103.5 F. We did chest x-rays and there was some evidence of pneumonia. Both ears were now infected. They gave him a breathing treatment and I had to hold him down with my legs while basically following his head around and being his worst nightmare.(zero help from nurses. "Ill let you handle this" and ran from the room"). She gave him some juice and he actually drank it, but never really perked up. The extra Motrin finally lowered his fever. The MD on duty wanted to sent him to the ER in another town for a closer look. I went home, collected some items if I had to stay overnight and P came with me. (My mom was in town, and being pouty because I wasn't there to run her around shopping instead of caring for my very sick child).

He perked up on the way (of course) and they took us back right away. He sat in P's lap and clapped a bit. His pulse ox was 95. He perked up. I think the breathing treatment help. THe diagnosis: Influenza. Yikes! He had the shot 6 weeks before. The MD wouldn't swab him despite my insistence (Microbiologist here). So I kept him home Monday and P stayed with him Tuesday (they had a great day). Wednesday he went back to school.

Last Tuesday evening he had a slight fever, was listless and didn't eat. Ugh! I called his ped's office the following morning and got an appointment with the resident for 2:15. Yay! His left ear was still infected. He got some Augmentin (which he despises). A follow up to Otolaryngology - hopefully the go on tubes!

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This the season! Ugh. Sounds miserable.