Thursday, November 7, 2013

Toddlerhood Food Funnies

Every morning P and Benjamin eat cereal together. He sits on P's lap and B usually has Chex and a banana and milk with two spoons. One for Benny, and one for P. It's is the cutest thing I've every seen. Yesterday morning, while we were getting various things ready, Benny flipped open the dishwasher, grabbed a giant spoon, and ran as fast he could towards the cereal. Adorable.

The other night I was trying to hold off on his sippy cup of milk (time change - ugh) and he rummaged through the kitchen island drawers, and threw the lid of sippy cup in my lap. Sort of like - "get with the program".

Last night he went and got a plastic kid's plate out of a cabinet and handed it to me as I was making dinner.

I am convinced he understands 90% of what I say, but just doesn't feel like talking much. He communicates just fine though.

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