Saturday, November 9, 2013


The last few years by the time Halloween has rolled around, we were trick or treated out. This year was kind of a bust due the Wee One that was sick. We missed most of the Trick or Treating downtown that we usually go to. We managed just the last 35 minutes or so when most things were gone, but V didn't seem to mind. We had to drag my mom along the entire time that was in town and complained. Usually we go with V's BFF and have a splendid time.

THen there is a Trick or Treat indoor parade at our local Rec center. I didn't buy advanced tickets in time and thus, didn't want to stand in line. So we didn't go. The daycare has a party during the day that V loved. Just loved. So that was good.

Halloween was big letdown. It POURED rain the entire day. Thank goodness the temperature was around 65F. Since we moved, I wasn't sure how much candy to buy. So due to the craziness and sick Wee One, I bought three bags of mini-candy bars and a 25 pack of teddy graham crackers. We ran out. Almost immediately. I was so embarassed to have to turn off the light around 50 min in. Since it was raining, I took V to about 12 houses with umbrellas, rain ponchos, and boots. She was more than happy. It just wasn't the fun Halloween I envisioned with the baby and V and P and I all out together. Halloween = Fail.

Anyhoo, V wanted to be Merida from Brave as soon as she saw the costume. The WIG was awesome and I enjoyed seeing her with hair. Benny is wearing V's old monkey costume. He hated it.

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