Monday, April 7, 2014

Crabby ... but assertive

I’m a mood today. So watch out! I’m tired of putting up with the mediocre. Very tired. This weekend we had lunch at Mongolian BBQ or Grill or whatever they call it now. The women’s bathrooms were really dirty. The food on the bar where you make your stir fry was old and dried out. So I sent a complaint form via the web letting them know.

I called the Health System Peds GI clinic that we’ve seen in the past for Victoria (her encopresis. Something I rarely talk about, but really should). They wouldn’t schedule until we have a new referral (the old was for a different location in the SAME system), the lady was unfriendly and appointments are for 3 months from now. I’m done. I called another health system and got her an appointment IN our town for the end of April. Maybe they will actually do something to help her. Then I put in a web suggestion form letting them know the lady I spoke to was unfriendly and not helpful.

Then at work I fought back with a sponsor about ridiculous forms on a ridiculous timeline. I told them they get what they get. Too bad, so sad.

Another thing I did is call the Parish I am thinking of joining. I came in to Mass at 10:15 for 10:30 and a large number of seats were "saved" with scarfes and books, etc. Not coats so the people weren't even there yet. I was carrying a heavy, screaming toddler and it made me so angry! I called the parish and complained about that too.

Watch out for me today.

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AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

It's okay, we all get in moods sometimes.