Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Night Leftovers - This CRAZY Week

* P was in Atlanta for three days.
* While he was gone we had another snowstorm! In mid-March! With bad driving, and driveway clearing!
* I had Benny home with a cough on Monday, called the MD, his left ear hadn't healed from the infection he had in California. He is now on a Z-pak and very crabby.
* Tuesday I because dizzy at work, I took a meclizine and became sicker. I came home with dizziness, dry heaves, nausea, and then the headache. It was a Vertigious Migraine. I get a few each year. P was gone and I had zero help so I realized I really, really had to get it together to pick up and take care of my kids.
* Benny sure had a large number of tantrums this week. Mostly about ELmo TV and goldfish crackers.
* My mom was hear to cover Benny while V had a sleep study on Thursday and I was in Atlanta. She stayed through the weekend (I"m tired) and then her car wouldn't start for the four hour drive home on Monday. I had to deal with calling assistance (no big deal), but it was a big deal dealing with her freaking out.
* So much laundry to but away.

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