Tuesday, September 9, 2014

V turned six in mid- August. Last year, I was getting everything ready and set for Kindergarten when she turned five. At that time, it was a bit of a surprise that her Pre-K/Preschool teacher didn't feel she was ready for Kindergarten. She recommended keeping her back to gain more experience with things like writing, maturity, adn reading. Plus, all of the other children going into Kindergarten at that time were older, almost an entire year older than her. Which at this age, makes a difference. It was a bit of a difficult decision, (not to mention expensive), but we did keep in pre-K for an extra year. Now, I'm glad about that. I have seen several differences in her, and being older and more confident makes the transition to all day kindergarten easier.

She is going to the local public school, right down the road from daycare. It is quite highly ranked, and in my opinion, a huge building. Her first day was a half day - I had to take off from work - which involved parent orientation and a great deal of paperwork. She didn't cry or fuss at all (I spent the first day of kindergarten crying next to the teacher's desk, I remember it vividly).

The first week was tough people. There are 27 kids in her class and NO AIDE. I repeat, no AIDE. Apparently there was a funding problem with the district. I find this unacceptable. She came home exhausted and starving. It was difficult for me to drop off two different places (Dad was out of town).

But hopefully week 2 is easier on me!

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MrsSpock said...

27 kids and no aide? Holy crap. My son would be at the principal's office every day. I'm glad we switched schools. We already had one incident where he hid in the bathroom. They took it in stride, and no more issues so far.